After growing up as the Family Archivist ("Keeper of the Krap") for both sides of his extended family, David realized that he had really two piles of "stuff".  The pile to which he was emotionally attached and duty-bound to preserve, and the other which he had amassed because it was "Cool".  Visiting Swap Meets, Flea Markets, Antique and Collectibles Faires, Auctions, and researching On-line convinced him this enterprise was a worthy goal as a part-time engagement upon retirement.  However, Life and Economics intervened, and with real retirement a long way off, he decided to seek out like-minded persons with a passion for the finer things of everyday life.
What he found was a cadre of collectors, whose only goal was obtaining multiple objects within a certain identifiable parameter that may be as broad as Automotive, or as narrow as Midwest Beer Can Openers from Extinct Brewers.  The one thing on which they all agreed was that, though each possessed some particular knowledge on a given subject, none was by any means an "Expert" on much more than their individual passion.  How ever, collectively, they discovered as a group there was a broad range of knowledge and interest in a very wide spectrum of Collectibles from Vintage Pestles to Hot Wheels®.  And so, the ACE was born of necessity of purpose to bring People and Things together, Make a little Money, and Have a Lot of FUN!